Secret Valley Explorers

All aboard for a unique adventure into the Secret Valley


Railbike Excursions

Bring your friends for a leisurely, pedal-powered adventure into the tall forests of the Secret Valley where you will cross bridges, chase creeks, and take in all the wonder the picturesque valley has to offer. Keep an open eye out for wildlife including white tailed deer, great blue heron, and bald eagles! Explore the same magical rock cuts that were hand-dug by Civil War veterans in the late 1860's. Learn about the magnetic rocks that spawned the first iron industry in the United States, provided George Washington with cannon balls, and later brought Thomas Edison to the Secret Valley for an invention that was not a successful as the light bulb.

Railbikes are people-powered rail vehicles. The low-coefficient of friction of our 150 year old steel rails makes the bikes easy to pedal, welcoming persons of all ages. Our hand-crank motor assist bike is perfect for persons with disabilities. Our bikes seat up to four people, so bring family and friends for a memorable adventure.

Excursion Information

How much does it cost to ride the bikes?:

The cost of the tour is $175.00 per bike. Our bikes are currently set up to sit groups of 4. If you only have two riders, the bikes offer a great opportunity to invite some friends!

Where do we board the Railbikes?

Trains depart from, and return to, Boyertown Station which is located at 64 S. Washington Street Boyertown, PA. There is a parking lot available for your convenience.

Trip Duration, Time, and Distance:

Each 6 mile excursion lasts approximately 2 hours. At the end of the 6 mile bike ride, you will be greated by our Doodlebug trolley car which will give you a ride back to the station.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are tickets sold by bike or per person?
Tickets are sold by bike. When making your reservation, you choose the number of bikes you wish to reserve.  Each cycle has four seats. There is no discount for empty seats. Each rider must have their own seat. It is not safe for children to be seated on your lap and is strictly forbidden. Tickets for our regular tours are not sold per person.

How long is the excursion?
The total ride is approximately six miles in distance and one-and-a-half to two-hours in duration.

Can kids ride too?
While there is no age limit, riders must be at least 36" tall. Every rider is required to sit in their own seat and be able to wear the provided seat belt. It is not safe for children to be seated on your lap and doing so is strictly forbidden.

What is the weight limit?
The suggested weight limit is 250 pounds per rider. However, we do not check your weight. This suggestion is for your comfort. Weight above 250 pounds or uneven weight distribution on the railbikes can result in difficulty pedaling.

Is it difficult?
People of nearly any age can enjoy Railbiking. Riders should be fit enough to ride a standard bicycle. There are slight grades, both up and down, as well as level sections of tracks along the way. We recommend a leisurely pace not to overexert yourself and give yourself time to take in and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Secret Valley.

What about the weather?
The bikes will run in both sunny and rainy weather. If the weather is potentially dangerous, such as heavy rain, a lightning storm, potential tornadoes, etc., we will cancel the rides. The decision is made at the discretion of the railbike operator. If this happens, then you will be able to reschedule your railbike adventure for another day.  Customers who cancel when excursion still operate are subject to our cancellation policy.

Should I bring anything?
We recommend bringing things such as a camera, drinks, snacks, sunscreen, bug repellent, and appropriate outerwear for the weather, such as raincoats, hats, or rain gear.

What should I wear?
Please check the weather forecast and dress appropriately for the predicted weather conditions. Tours are outdoors, and the railbikes are open to the elements. We recommend comfortable and loose-fitting clothes suitable for hiking or cycling. We also require closed-toed shoes.

Things to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella
  • Bug Spray
  • Proper Dress
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Allergy Medicine (epi pen)

Please Note

Railbike excursions, by design, are socially-distanced, outdoor, small group activities that allow as many as 34 people to ride through the Secret Valley across streams, over bridges, and through rock cuts. Groups of four will be those who live in the same household or who book their reservations together. Smaller groups are advised to purchase the three seater bike.