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The video, “Caleb’s First Ride on the Colebrookdale Railroad – A Journey Back to 1910,” has been made possible in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the Human Endeavor.

Class Curriculum

Imagine teachers being able to step into history books with students in such a way that they can experience an immersive living lesson of the 19th Century – the era that dramatically altered and expanded this More Perfect Union – the United States of America. Imagine then that they take the lessons of that era with them back into their classrooms and future lives to build on that learning such that they strive to continue the efforts of our founding fathers to improve this great Union.

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Special thanks to our academic interns for creating the translations:

Spanish Translation:
Brianna Mora, Spanish Minor, Penn State University
Maria Fellie, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Spanish, Chair of the Spanish Minor, Penn State Berks

Chinese Translation:
Yihong Cheng, Doctoral Student, Boston College, 2023

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