Colebrookdale Railroad

Boyertown Pennsylvania

A Unique Adventure into a Forgotten Land

An expedition on the Colebrookdale Railroad is your ticket to create memories to last a lifetime. Check out our unique accommodations, theme trains, or book reservations for your group's special event. All aboard!

All excursions are departing from our Boyertown Station and will travel South to Pine Forge. Thank you.

NOTICE:  For very good reasons, we will not be operating railbike excursions in October 2022.  You see – our brand-new Railbikes are designed to meet the needs of many more riders.  We were scheduled to debut the brand-new state-of-the-art railbikes. Unfortunately, due to some supply chain problems, we’ve not been able to get the wheels that we need. Hence, we apologize, but we’re going to have to defer railbike excursions until we believe November. In an overabundance of caution, we’re not currently scheduling any railbike excursions before Nov 1.

As soon as these newly engineered bikes are ready to open to the public – we promise you will be the first to know! 

Update:  To conduct regularly scheduled maintenance and basic repairs, The "Dawn Treader," our Deluxe Coach car will not be available for ticketing from June through September 2022.  You may book Coach Class seating on select excursions in the Lounge car during this time. Please note, no First-Class amenities are included the Lounge when riding as Coach Class.

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