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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the ride?

The length of our excursions varies depending on the season, and it is best to look under the “Excursions” tab, for your specific excursion to see how long of a ride it is. Generally, our excursions run between 1-2 hours.


Where do I board?

At this time, our trains originate from and return to the Boyertown Station. In the rare occasion where a train will originate from Pottstown, it will specify within the Excursion Description.


What time does the 11 AM Train Leave?

Not the first time we’ve had to answer this! Consistent with most travel, trains operate on a fixed schedule, so they depart at the scheduled time.  So an 11 AM train really does depart at 11 AM!  If you happen to be running late for your train, please call us at 610-367-0200.


When booking my ticket, how do I decide what car to choose?

Choosing your car can be daunting, but we don’t want you to stress!

    • The “Parlor” car is our First-Class accommodations. In this car, it generally will include an hors d’oeuvres plate, dessert plate and a complimentary beverage, unless otherwise noted on the specific excursion details. There are no meals served in this car. This car also for patrons 13 years of age or older, unless otherwise noted. This car will have access to the open car and the a-la-carte menu.
    • Our “Dining Class” cars will be listed as the Dining Car, the Lounge car, the Garden Cafe or the Beaver car. Meals, when offered, will be served in these cars. This car will have access to the open car and the a-la-carte menu.
    • “Coach Class” Cars will be our Deluxe Coach car and the Diplomat. There are no meals served in this car. This car will have access to the open car and the a-la-carte menu.

You can find additional detailed information on all our cars here.


Why should I ride an evening train if I can’t see any scenery?

Although the scenery in the Secret Valley is beautiful, it’s not the only reason to ride the train at night. We hope that our passengers will take in all the history and splendor of turn-of-the-century luxury railroading while being served by our wonderful car attendants. If you’d like to have a little more of an experience on the railroad in the evening, we suggest purchasing tickets for the “First-Class Parlor” car, or for our Dining Car to have a full meal while riding the rails.


When should I arrive?

Think of it as the same as if you were taking an airplane, without having to go through security. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your departure time. This will give you enough time to park, obtain your tickets at the station, and prepare to board. Boarding usually begins about 15 minutes prior to departure. In the case it gets nasty outside, once you’ve picked up your tickets, we will ask that everyone stay in their vehicles until you hear a blast from the locomotive’s horn.


Where are my tickets?

All tickets are “will call” at the station – this helps us know who has arrived for the excursion. When you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled excursion, simply go to the ticketing station and give your name and have your email saved to your mobile device just in case we cannot access the system. From there, we will print out your tickets and you’ll be ready to board the train once the time comes.


Is the train ADA-accessible?

Until late Fall 2024, our ADA-accessible car is under restoration, and we are temporarily unavailable to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs.

Once our Garden Cafe car is back in service after it’s restoration, it will be equipped to accommodate passengers with walkers and wheelchairs. Our boarding platform has a ramp (and shallow steps as well). From that platform, one can board through the large door on the south end of the car.

Please make sure that when you make your reservation to note if someone in your party will need assistance in boarding. If you need assistance boarding the train, please let either a Red Cap, Ticket Agent or the Conductor know when you arrive.


Does the train still run in bad weather?

Trains will run rain or shine unless otherwise posted. Severe weather conditions could impact schedules, so please make sure to check our Facebook Page for updates. If nothing is posted, the excursions will depart at its originally scheduled time. Please be sure to provide us with a good contact phone number or E-mail address in case of any schedule changes.


Are the cars heated?

Yes, the cars are heated. Wood Pellet Stoves currently provide heat during cold weather, but please make sure to dress appropriately in case of an emergency.


Are the cars air conditioned?

Most of our cars do have air conditioning with the exception of the Coach Car and the Diplomat. But we make every effort to make sure the cars are as cool as possible. While our other train cars are equipped with air conditioning, it’s important to consider that all our train cars are over 100 years old, resulting in a warmer environment than modern buildings with air conditioning. Thank you for your understanding, and please be advised if you have any adverse health conditions or are sensitive to heat.


Are restrooms available?

There is a restroom on the Deluxe Coach for our Coach and Dining Passengers. An additional private restroom is located in the Parlor Car for ticketed passengers on the Parlor Car only. Be aware there is NO running water. We do have hand sanitizer available for you. There is also a restroom trailer located in the railyard. We ask that you use this before you board, as the train restrooms are for provisional use.


Is food served on the train?

All of our excursions offer our a-la-carte menu with light fare. Many of our excursions do offer meals in certain cars so please make sure to carefully look at the descriptions of each excursion which will detail if a meal is being offered, the menu and what cars the meals are served in.


Can I bring my own food?

Although a bottle of water is allowed, NO outside food can be brought onto the train. All of our trains have a variety of snacks & beverages available for purchase.


What happens if I have to cancel my trip?

If in unfortunate circumstances you have to cancel your trip, please call the business office, or email at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure and we will attempt to transfer you to another date. Just note that once you pick up your tickets from the station, we CANNOT transfer or refund your tickets to another date.


This place is pretty cool! Do you have any merchandise?

Of Course! Our ticketing office offers a variety of apparel and items to please patrons of all ages. Please stop in to check out what we have to offer!


Do you offer gift cards?

We do! You can either book a gift card online, call our business office, or visit the station when trains are operating to purchase a gift card. These can be used towards train fare and merchandise in the gift shop, but not towards any extras like snacks or beverages on the train.

Interested in buying a gift card online? Click here to purchase a gift card.


DISCLAIMER: Schedules are adhered to as closely as possible. However, the railroad reserves the right to alter schedules and itinerary, cancel trains and substitute equipment as conditions demand.