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Scenic Train Rides in Boyertown, PA

An excursion on the Colebrookdale Railroad is your ticket to create memories that last. Explore our railroad station, themed train rides, or book reservations for your groups special event. All aboard!

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Upcoming Events

We are happy to announce that all veterans, active military, fire, police, and EMS personnel can ride for free on any excursion until Labor Day.

We would like to offer one free ticket for our veterans, active service members, police, firefighters, and EMS until Labor Day on any excursion to thank them for their service to our country and express our gratitude. You will need to present your ID when picking up your ticket at the station.


To redeem your free ticket, use promo code “WETHANKYOU” at checkout.


a train traveling down train tracks near a forest

Scenic Train Rides in a land lost in time.

A Unique Adventure into a Forgotten Land!

Once the province of pioneers and patriots, the Colebrookdale is your ticket to a verdant land lost in time. Board one of our meticulously restored century-old rail cars for a two-hour train ride into one of the most scenic and historic regions in the northeast.

Railbikes in the Secret Valley

All aboard our rail biking adventure into the Secret Valley!

Bring your friends for a leisurely, pedal-powered adventure into the tall forests of the Secret Valley, where you will cross bridges, chase creeks, and take in all the wonder the picturesque valley has to offer. Keep an open eye out for wildlife, including white-tailed deer, great blue heron, and bald eagles! Explore our rock cuts that were hand-dug by Civil War veterans in the late 1860s. Those rock cuts, which contain magnetic rock, spawned the first iron industry in the United States, provided George Washington with cannonballs, and later brought Thomas Edison to the Secret Valley for an invention that was not as successful as the light bulb.


Engineer for a Day

If you are at least 18 years of age, here is your opportunity to drive our Colebrookdale Railroad diesel locomotive!

With your hand on the throttle, your eyes on the rail and the adrenaline in your veins, experience the excitement and exhilaration first hand! Be the “engineer”!

Gift certificates are also available; please contact us for more information.

Please note, the locomotive cab is not ADA accessible. This excursion is only for those 18 years old and older.


a train is parked on the side of a road
a dining room table

Travel in Style

Step Back in Time: Experience the Nostalgic Charm of Riding the Colebrookdale Railroad

A ride on the Colebrookdale is an enchanting experience that transports passengers to a bygone era and one becomes captivated by the luxury and elegance. As you board the train, you are awe-induced by the meticulously restored passenger cars. Everything provides a sense of nostalgia and refinement and replicates the “golden age” of railroading. Whether enjoying a meal in our dining cars on select excursions, sipping a complimentary beverage in our first-class cars, or enjoying a snack off our A La Carte menu in our coach-class cars, it is not a journey to forget. The rhythm of the rails provides a tranquil experience while looking at the beautiful countryside. Riding on the Colebrookdale is a peaceful journey that will leave a lasting impression.

Our Impact

The redevelopment of the historic central terminal area in the heart of Boyertown has been a critical component of the Colebrookdale Railroad community and economic development project since its inception. The future of the railroad and its catalytic impact on southeastern Pennsylvania turns on the successful development of the terminal’s freight and passenger capacity.

Our Passengers Love Us

Colebrookdale Railroad Icon

Autumn Train Ride!

This was amazing ! I highly recommend. The service, the views and the Train itself is second to none. High class . Will do again.

– shane f • Tripadvisor
Colebrookdale Railroad Icon

Birthday Outing!

We went to celebrate our adult son's birthday. The trains were beautifully restored and decorated for the holidays. Service was friendly and timely. We were greeted by train staff warmly when entering.

– Deb C • Tripadvisor
Colebrookdale Railroad Icon

Great Ride on the Colebrookdale Railroad!

Fantastic experience! So reasonable, too. This is my second time taking a trip on the Colebrookdale Railroad. I rode in November and enjoyed it so much I decided to take another ride on New Year’s Eve day. Different car but equally enjoyable experience! So relaxing and informative! I’ll be be back!

– Pam S • Tripadvisor
Colebrookdale Railroad Icon

Magical Train Ride Experience!

My husband surprised me with first class tickets on Santa’s Polar Bear Express this year. It was the Best gift ever!! The train is beautiful, the service great and Santa was perfect! I highly recommend a trip!

– Freedom39608747594 • Tripadvisor
Colebrookdale Railroad Icon

Wonderful Holiday Train Trip!

Wonderful holiday experience with grandchildren. The entire staff very happy in all their “roles”- from servers, to Conductor to Santa!

– Roni • Tripadvisor

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a train traveling down train tracks near a forest