Rebuild The Lion Gardiner

Dining Splendor Through The Secret Valley

The Palace Cars were the most opulent affirmation of American pride and progress ever to ply the rails. Built by Pullman and other car companies during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, only a dozen cars have survived in preservation, vestiges of America’s halcyon days.

The dining cars of the Palace Car era introduced the growing middle class to the epicurean delights of a vast continent opened up by the railway. Each railroad highlighted the food traditions of the lands the cars served; “Railroad Dining” became an institution unto itself, rivaling the great restaurants of Europe.

Today, it is impossible to experience railroad dining in a moving palace car. We at the Colebrookdale Railroad are working to change that, with the restoration of the Lion Gardiner. The car as restored will include a 1600-piece stained glass dome from 1906, rich mahogany paneling, and unique foods served by white-jacketed attendants on fine china. 

We need your help to bring the Lion Gardiner back to life. We are seeking sponsors for the $300,000 restoration cost. Please contact us for naming opportunities and sponsorship.