Dining on the Railroad


The Dining Experience on the Colebrookdale Railroad is the most unique and luxurious way to have a meal. Calling back to the timeless splendor of dining on the rails in the Early 20th Century, your 2 Hour Expedition into the Secret Valley transports you into an environment that the highest-class citizens of the world would've experienced over a century ago while traveling for business or pleasure. Some of our "morning" trips offer Brunch, while some of our afternoon trips offer a multi-course meal, all hand prepared and served directly to you at your table by one of our onboard white coat service stewards.

The first photo depicts our Garden Cafe Car which is ADA-accessible and has tables for groups of two and four. The second photo depicts our dining car which has tables for groups of four. There is a limited amount of ADA-accessible seating available in the garden cafe car. Please call the office to confirm availability.

Making a Reservation

Please Note: Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance to ensure everyone has a meal if it is an excursion with a meal. You CAN NOT purchase Dining Car tickets the day of if it is an excursion with a meal. Please note our tables are set in groups of four, with a small selection of tables that sit two passengers. If you are a group smaller than four, you may have to sit with another party, unless you choose the private table option and remit the additional fee upon checkout.

When purchasing tickets online, you will be prompted to select the amount of people riding with you. If you have a toddler, they will require a ticket as well. Once selected, you will be prompted to select your meal choice. Please note any dietary restrictions in the comments at the time of reservation. Once at the station, pick up your reservation and wait to board the train. Once on board, you will be given directions by a uniformed crew member, and from there you will find your seating assignment written on table cards with your last name. Once the train is in motion, our service members will give you the best dining experience available on rails in the Northeast.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know if my excursion is a meal train when I book a ticket?

Answer: An excursion name will have (meal optional) at the end of it if it is a meal. Any excursion that does not say this is not a meal excursion. Our "Dining Car" and "Garden Cafe" cars do not always have meals unless stated (meal optional) after the excursion name.  

How do I know where I sit?

Once you've boarded, make sure to look at all the name cards on all the tables. Name cards will be listed with the last name of your party. If you still cannot find your table assignment, please ask someone from the train crew to assist you. 

I have a group that has an odd number of people, do I have to sit with someone else?

As our excursions return to 100% capacity, unless you upgrade to a PRIVATE TABLE, you may be seated with other persons. Normally, tables are sat in groups of four, so we ask that you get friendly with your table mates if the train is full.

My friends made a separate reservation and I'd like to sit with them, how do I make sure we're seated together?

When making your reservation, make sure to leave a comment with the name that was used for the other reservation so we can seat you together. If a decision was made after making your reservation, you can always call our business office during regular business hours.

I have a toddler riding that isn't going to have a meal, do I still have to buy a ticket? 

As the toddler will be taking up a seat, yes, you do. This helps our staff plan the seating accordingly.

I have dietary restrictions or allergies, how do I let someone know? 

When making your reservation, please make a comment with any dietary restrictions you may have and our staff will try their best to accommodate you.

I selected the wrong meal choice when I purchased my tickets, can I change it? 

If you accidentally ordered the wrong meal, please call our office at 610-367-0200 as soon as possible. Meal Choice changes might not be able to be made within 24 hours of your scheduled departure time. 

Here is a recently redone video generously created by Tim Croy at CS Film Productions, thank you, Tim!