Rent Our Caboose

Our Caboose No. 477768 was built in July of 1941 for the Pennsylvania Railroad. The caboose (also referred to as Cabins) was the home for the brakemen and conductor on long freight trains, where they could file paperwork, sleep, eat, all while watching their consist from the end of the train in the top part of the caboose, also known as the "Cupola".

In the 21st Century, where cabooses arent used on long freight trains on revenue freight railroads, many have been allocated to tourist railroads across the world. Ours happens to be a great venue for small parties or get togethers, offering a unique view of the train and the Secret Valley!

It's $450 to charter our caboose on any scheduled train. The caboose features benches for seating for about 12-15 and a small table, and you're welcome to decorate the inside of the caboose (due to safety concerns, decorations are NOT allowed on the outside of the caboose). 

Food and Drinks must be provided by the host, as we cannot access the caboose from the coaches or the open car to retrieve concessions There are no restroom facilities on the caboose and the caboose is NOT ADA accessible. 

To rent the caboose either on a regularly scheduled train or on a private charter, please call our office at 610-367-0200 ext 103 for more information and to check availbility.